Creating content designed to influence and set the agenda is at the heart of what we do. Much of our content creation work is channelled directly into media relations, but we also deliver and manage major standalone content projects such as industry reports and websites.
Content Marketing - fjord
The Era of Living Services for Accenture Digital and Fjord.
A ground-breaking report on the next wave in the digitisation of everything planned and written by Simpatico PR.

Everyone's heard of the Internet of Things (IoT), but how will businesses and brands use it? How will health services, transportation, insurance, utilities and security companies, for example, evolve to match our increasingly liquid demands and expectations in a world where almost everything is digitised?

These questions are answered in this ground-breaking report on the future of everyday life by Fjord, which envisages how businesses from oil companies to retailers will create entirely new types of customer service or ways of working.

The Future of out-of-home Media in the UK.
The industry, consumers and technology to 2020 for Kinetic Worldwide.

This report was planned, researched and written by Simpatico PR for Kinetic Worldwide and was the first comprehensive investigation into the impact of digital technologies on the UK poster industry.

It included consumer research, market growth predictions and interviews with more than 20 leading figures in advertising, technology and poster media. The report became the de facto guide and reference point to the future of an out-of-home media industry.

You can find out more or download a copy of the report here.

Content Marketing - Future
Content Marketing - Chango
The Programmatic Mind.
A quarterly printed magazine for leading programmatic marketing company Chango.

Our thought leadership PR programme fuelled Chango's content marketing strategy by developing editorial ideas that could both engage the media and then be re-worked into new copy for its owned-channels.

The Programmatic Mind, Chango's primary direct communications brand for clients, prospects and business partners, presents often complex product, advertising technology or consumer behavioural issues in a fun, accessible and very readable form.

What's Hot.
A monthly collection of thought leadership on the hottest media stories and trends from the UK's biggest independent media agency, the7stars.

Each month, Simpatico sources the biggest stories and trends in the media industry to fuel a monthly newsletter produced by the7stars. Whether that's advertising, disruptive technology, new products or industry shake-ups, the7stars team drafts 500-word articles offering analysis, insight and predictions, which Simpatico edits and advises on. These are published on the7stars blog, pushed out to clients and new business prospects, and amplified across social media. The best pieces each month are pitched out to key media by Simpatico and result in further thought leadership coverage for the 7stars.

Content Marketing - the7stars
Content Marketing - Miroma
Corporate barter specialist.
Miroma's website content.

Corporate barter company Miroma needed a website that communicated its offering in an engaging way with consistent and straightforward messaging running throughout. Working with Miroma's in-house marketing team and design agency, we developed a content structure and tone of voice, which helped simplify what can be a complex business concept for a range of different stakeholders.

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