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In a world where technology and social trends are reshaping every sector, it's never been more important to tell your story.

Our Approach

We've created a transformational approach to B2B PR. We call it the Book of Ideas©

Like all the best ideas it's beautifully simple. It's an approach to B2B PR and content marketing that combines editorial ideation and integrated content planning to arm businesses with a powerful library of editorial ideas and IP that can be deployed over time.

The ideas we create are razor sharp - that means the media will listen to them and your target audiences will want to read them.

The Book of Ideas© is also highly measurable and flexible enabling you to constantly create fresh B2B PR and content ideas that will support your changing objectives.

Telling your business story with purpose

We offer decades of experience in business PR, journalism and content creation working with global enterprises as well as well as with smaller businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our client experience covers a wide variety of industries such as martech, ecommerce, adtech, media, marketing, design, service design, data management, SaaS, telco, fintech, cyber security and business consultancy sectors amongst others.

Leadership Team

Patrick Barrett Simpatico PR

Patrick Barrett

Editorial Director and Founder

Patrick Barret

Editorial Director and Founder

I am an award-winning public relations director and former journalist with 25 years' experience, my expertise is focused on business thought leadership, media relations and business communications strategies, built for a world where change is a constant.

At Simpatico PR, I work as Editorial Director and communications consultant for large companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs in the technology, innovation, media, marketing, branding, design and creative sectors.

Business and technology innovation and the impact this has on industry and society is the core theme I constantly return to.

The ability to create original and compelling content angles and ideas as well as organising these into an effective strategy, is the key difference Simpatico offers ambitious businesses.

Before moving into PR, I was Editor of Media Week (UK) and a journalist for titles such as The Guardian and Marketing magazine.

Specialties: Business PR, B2B PR, B2C PR, Tech PR, social media, thought-leadership content development, media relations, copywriting, marketing and social media.


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