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The card payment sector is changing in the UK - legacy banks with rigid and often uncompetitive pricing structures and service provision for merchants, are being challenged with the emergence of payment tech brands offering lower cost technology and pricing.

New card payment technologies are enabling existing retailers to behave more flexibly, are becoming integral to start-up business models and broadly are enabling ordinary people to consider becoming retailers. Micro, hyper-local and pop-up retail are approaches that are no-longer just experimental, but an established part of the retail eco-system in urban areas in the UK.

MyPOS is challenging and expanding the range of options for retailers still further.

Simpatico PR’s B2B PR agency brief was to launch MyPOS in the UK, developing awareness in key trade media and building a range of creative executions to build the brand further.

Specifically, our B2B PR agency programme was designed to introduce MyPOS to key audiences groups covering a range of “retail” sectors including: product retail, hospitality, events, transport, food venues highlighting key MyPOS USPs such as:

• Instant payment for merchants – no 2-3 day processing time lag - improving cashflow for small retailers.

• No monthly fees – a one off payment for the terminal – making buying one rather like a consumer purchase and so making part-time retailing more feasible.

• Simple, single transaction fee-level structure for European-based bank cards (commercial and non-Euro cards charged at a higher rate) making it easier to quantify costs as opposed to a sliding-scale fee model.

Using Simpatico’s Book of Ideas© approach, we developed a series of editorial ideas positioning MyPOS as the fintech payment provider on the side of the small retailer.

We delivered consistent coverage that delivered against each theme and product attribute in a range of media such as BBC Money Box, London Evening Standard, City AM, International Business Times, Talk Business, Card Switcher, Small Business, Cards International, FSTech, Retail Systems, Talking Retail, Fintech Times, Cardworld, Finextra amongst others.

B2B PR Agency for fintech payment brand MyPOS

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