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We’ve been working with WPP media agency Mindshare since 2018 delivering consistent B2B PR exposure in key media and creative consultancy to support projects such as Mindshare’s annual innovation event Huddle.

In 2021 Mindshare’s new leadership challenge us to establish a leadership position around Good Growth – Mindshare’s strategic business proposition –the idea there is a distinct difference between growth (which can and often is achieved at the expense to long-term success, society, consumer trust, the environment or the world) and Good Growth (enduring, responsible, proactive, additive, and regenerative).

Our B2B PR agency approach uses our Book of Ideas© approach to constantly re-energise Mindshare’s PR, research events and content programme. 

Each article is tagged with purpose, bring to life ideas behind Good Growth in ways that are relevant to the industry but also challenging.

In the first six months of 2022 we delivered more than 40 pieces of coverage across 18 publications.

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