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The music industry was one of the first areas of business to be completely disrupted by the tech age. In some respects it’s never recovered from online file sharing and the huge drop in physical sale value of music through the likes of Spotify and iTunes.

However, technology has also created new opportunities for music creators and licence rights owners with the explosion in demand for audio not just amongst traditional users in TV and film, but in advertising and branded social content, as well as the huge number of independent content creators on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and gaming channels.

Audio Network is a leading supplier of original recorded music across every conceivable genre. Simpatico’s B2B PR agency challenge was to position AudioNetwork as a leader in the audio tech revolution and a pioneering change-maker in the music market.

We developed a proactive B2B PR media relations programme to win recognition of AudioNetwork’s innovations in music licencing, developments in fast access to music for creators, investment in high quality original soundtracks and developing collaborative models to ensure musicians thrive commercially.

As well as B2B PR we promoted B2C project such as AudioNetwork’s partnership with dark restaurant Dans Le Noir, from which we delivered a mix of publicity and business thought-leadership.

Our programme, achieved coverage in tier one media such as Business Insider, Forbes, London Evening Standard, City AM, Reuters, VentureBeat and Time Out as well as a slew of coverage in music industry and entertainment trades and creative and marketing publications.

B2B PR Agency - Music licencing for the tech age

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