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Measuring The Impact of B2B PR on Your Customers and Followers

Written by Simpatico PR

Posted on 2022-04-11

In the brave new world of 2022, there are still those who ask the question, “Is it worth paying for B2B PR? The short answer to that is, absolutely and, in this article, we’ll explain just why B2B PR is more important than ever in terms of the impact on your customers and social media followers.

Cracking content is still king for B2B PR

In its simplest form, B2B PR is the art of creating compelling messaging and distributing it through a number of channels to reach the right clients. While this is still the case, the methods of achieving this are changing all the time. In 2022, one of the most effective methods of B2B PR is the creation and publishing of high value content. Your clients are businesses who experience different benefits and challenges - and the job of a B2B PR agency in London is to empathise with the challenges while presenting a solution. 89% of surveyed respondents say that thought leadership content enhances their perception of a brand - a figure which speaks for itself. By sharing content on social media platforms, you are able to use in-platform analytics to measure the reach of your campaigns.

A question of trust

Building relationships with clients is all about trust and, this can be a tricky thing to achieve unless you’re a brand which has been established for several decades. A well executed B2B PR campaign can help to build trust and credibility by showcasing your thought leadership within your industry. This has an incredibly important impact on your potential customers and followers as, if they feel that your brand is reliable and trustworthy, they’re much more likely to climb onboard.

Second that emotion

The decision making process is often a complex one and is very much connected to emotion. Because of this, finding the messaging which speaks to potential customers on an emotional level really is half the battle when it comes to B2B PR. This means creating campaigns which don’t just tell potential clients about your product or service but, also, explains the impact that it could have on the potential client’s business. This kind of campaign is designed to nudge the target from the expressing interest stage to the purchase decision stage.

Turning customers into brand champions

In 2022, the message with PR is very much about working with clients, rather than working for them. Businesses should now be looking to build relationships with clients which are akin to partnerships as, by forming a more collaborative relationship, you have a unique opportunity to create brand champions who will pick up the mantle and help you to spread your message even further. A great B2B PR agency will be able to focus your band to make it more customer-centric in order to create brand champions.

Visibility is clear

The real impact of B2B PR for your customers is, of course, in making them more visible while simultaneously boosting their credibility. The foundations of B2B PR are in the increasing of the client’s profile. People are generally reluctant to hand over business (and cash) to a brand which they have never heard of which is, of course, sensible. B2B PR is a tool which aims to insert the name of a brand, product or service into the consciousness of potential clients and, as such, initial campaigns will aim to do just that, before continuing with pushing conversions.

A step in the right direction

A great PR agency can help to develop a brand’s direction and ethos. Often, when starting out, a brand will unwittingly send out mixed messages as they haven’t properly put together their brand profile and ethos. Working with a B2B PR agency can put a brand on the right track - with the right message - and turn them into a business which is a force to be reckoned with.


In the past, many businesses would view a B2B PR agency as a ‘nice to have’, whereas, in 2022, it’s a must have. Most brands simply don’t have employees with the experience, skill and time to properly create and execute B2B PR campaigns which will be effective enough to get the job done. Thanks to technology, businesses now have more competition than ever before and, many fail to even get off the starting blocks due to inadequate PR. Hiring a great B2B PR agency is absolutely the key to gaining visibility for your brand in an increasingly cluttered marketplace. 

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