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Business PR for a changing world

Written by Simpatico PR

Posted on 2020-07-16

New normal has become one of the phrases that will define 2020, even though we do not know yet what the new normal will be. The Covid crisis illustrates that change, when it comes can be acute, rapid and unpredictable just as easily as slow, incremental and evolutionary.

Our new website emphasises the need for businesses to recognise and embrace change in their communications.

The logic is simple. Your customers and other stakeholders want to how your business adds value and will stay relevant amidst the huge changes we all face.

From the on-going evolution of technology, consumer behaviour, the imperative to place sustainability at the heart of business operations, employment trends, evolving social values and economics - telling your business story and showcasing your expertise through high quality content has never been more important. #b2bpr #businesspr #communications #pragency #businesscommunications #contentmarketing

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