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B2B PR Coverage Highlights June - Simpatico PR

Written by Simpatico PR

Posted on 2022-07-18

Looking past the drama on Downing Street and the Tory leadership race that’s been dominating the news as of late, it’s been a busy month in the B2B PR space - not the least for Simpatico PR clients. From tackling privacy concerns to industry-leading insights, our clients have been getting their voices heard in both the national and trade media.

Kepler tackles privacy

Kepler’s Peter Rice spoke about tackling the privacy issue in digital media in ClickZ, talking about how marketers are going to continue a data led approach in a cookieless world:

“It’s important for brands to consider how the removal of cookies next year will impact the broader organization and marketing efforts. Acquisition (including prospecting and remarketing), retention and reactivation all rely on a media platform being able to specifically differentiate each group from the other. Without cookies available to provide highly pervasive control over these consumer groups, brands will be forced to reconsider this hierarchy so they can appropriately rate the utility provided by various tools and frameworks”

With the inevitable decline of the cookie as a marketing tool, brands will be faced with a new reality, and those who have not yet gotten ahead of this will inevitably struggle to re-build their data infrastructure. 

Peter also spoke to MediaPost about how they can navigate the new realities of consumer privacy in digital marketing.

Mindshare in The Times

Mindshare’s Going for Broke? Report – part of the Reality Check Series – was featured in The Times Raconteur, helping to shine a light on the effect the cost of living crisis is having on British people - “According to Mindshare UK, just 16% of people agree with the sentiment: “I feel confident that I can take this hit with minimal changes.” More than 8 in 10 (85%) of us will be on the look-out for cheaper alternatives when shopping.”

As the cost-of-living crisis continues to bear down on the British population, brands need to keep an eye on the mood of the nation as they continue to advertise. It’s a tough job to advertise products during a crisis, so brands have got to stay vigilant or risk losing touch with their consumer base - watch this space for more insights from the Mindshare team.

Great State releases its Higher Education Digital Experience Report

We saw more great research from clients this month, as Great State gave launched its long-awaited higher education report, revealing a digital expectation gap between what students expect from universities and the standard and scope of what  universities deliver.

With university digital experience delivery falling behind student expectations, Open Access Government welcomed a full write-up of the report, exploring the digital higher education expectation gap and what this actually means for the higher education space, read it here - The digital higher education expectation gap and universities.

Desert Island Ads

UK CEO of WPP’s Kinetic, Alistair MacCallum, gave us his ‘desert island ads’ in More About Advertising, but gave the regular feature a slight OOH twist – from Jack Daniels to McDonalds, Ali took us on a journey through the ages, highlighting some of the best ads we’ve seen over the past few decades from his perspective. 

"Leadership is like a rollercoaster. Just enjoy the ride."

Last but certainly not least, we saw Merkle UK CEO Anne Stagg give Management Today a snapshot of her life as a CEO in her ‘five minutes with…’ interview. Speaking about her important life lessons to her biggest disappointments, Anne gives us a great insight into the world of a woman at the top of a global business.

When asked about how she had sustained her career journey, Anne said, “hard work, resilience, and optimism, supported by a clear plan you can articulate. There will be challenges, but a clear strategy to overcome them will get people excited about a shared future – one which is about much more than just profit.” 

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