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B2B PR Agency Video: Simpatico PR client results in H1 2024

Written by Simpatico PR

Posted on 2024-06-12

One of Simpatico PR’s AI avatars talks about our B2B PR agency work over the first five months of 2024.

Homing in on three clients, this short video showcases the results we’ve achieved and the high- quality thought-leadership ides the Simpatico PR team has created for clients, pitched to journalists and converted into impactful coverage.

Simpatico PR is all about thought-leadership and delivering B2B PR agency programmes with punch – creating a business profile-building return on investment.

The clients featured are Kepler Group, SMG and Socially Powerful.


Each B2B PR agency client has unique challenges and objectives. Very often in the highly competitive world of digital marketing the core challenge for B2B brands is standing out from the crowd.

Whether you are an agency, media owner, tech platform or technology service provider, the adtech space or more broadly digital marketing is complex and congested.

At the same time the scope for achieving coverage in the media is very limited.

In this context one important way to achieve cut-through and win the attention and interest of prospects, partners and existing clients, not to mention talent, is to generate ideas and views based on your expertise and services.


Simpatico PR is a B2B PR agency that is all about thought leadership.

Because of our depth of expertise – our team has decades of experience in journalism, PR and marketing, we’re able to not just process ideas clients give us, but to suggest and create high-value B2B thought-leadership content that journalists will buy into.

Our approach to this is called the Book of Ideas – fusing marketing planning, messaging and creativity together to deliver lots of media coverage over time.

We apply this approach to all our clients.

And it delivers a consistent B2B PR agency ROI.

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