In today's business environment effective communications are vital. Putting your message across on TV, on radio, in online videos, and in print has to be done professionally. It's what people expect in a digitised world where news is instant and infinitely shareable.

That's why our media training is provided by TV News London Ltd. Established for more than 20 years as a leading media training company, TV News London works with major brands and organisations to provide expert advice on handling media interviews.

We offer highly experienced media trainers who are senior journalists and broadcasters with a wealth of knowledge about how the media thinks and works and how best to get your message across professionally and effectively.

Whether you need to handle a crisis or promote your success, we will tailor your training to fit your challenges and work with you to ensure your media interviews are thoroughly prepared. You will be ready and secure in your performance.

Simpatico PR and TV News London work together to provide expert services including:

  • Techniques for preparing and delivering successful media interviews
  • Understanding what journalists need and how the news agenda works
  • Optimum messaging for media interviews
  • Techniques for handling difficult questions in print and broadcast interviews
  • How to craft and deliver radio and TV news soundbites
  • Understanding the specific demands of broadcasting on your time
  • How to be an industry expert in the media
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