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Social media and digital content creation are now integral to effective business PR programmes. But just like any other channel, your success on social media will depend on the quality of what you say and when you say it.

Simpatico PR offers a channel by channel menu of services from organic to paid activity on platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn. We’ll provide you with an honest assessment of what will work and what will not according to your business type, market and competitor activity.

We will also give you an informed perspective on viable or appropriate levels of activity according to budgets, business context and circumstances.

Whether it is commentary on live events or pre-prepared packages for broadcasters, Simpatico PR has an impressive track record in creating valuable broadcast exposure for our clients, helping them reach large audiences; building personal or corporate profiles and influencing industry issues.

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Our digital PR services include:

The right channels.

Identifying the right channels for your business PR strategy and their potential benefit to your business or brand goals.

Understanding your audience.

How and why your business stakeholders use specific channels and their expectations of your social presence.

Crafting your strategy.

We will create digital strategies that complement your broader marketing activity, designed to cut through the social ‘noise’ and communicate your messages.


We will ensure you achieve an effective content-driven approach to SEO across every appropriate channel, integrating organic and paid activity as required.

Content management.

Integrating social media channels into your thought leadership programme, maximising the reach of media content and creating bespoke content for social media channels.

Visual impact.

We will help you create, curate and distribute video, creative material and pictures to support your business PR and wider communications objectives.

Engaging with communities.

Combining a strategic and reactive approach to social media, we will connect with your audiences in the right tone and language for the platform and your brand.

Optimising performance.

Your business goals will inform our measurement approach from the outset, enabling us to track and optimise your social media activity throughout the campaign.

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