The Challenge

Stuttgart-based Mackevision is a global leader in applied CGI technology in TV/film production, having created Emmy Award-winning work for HBO's hit series Game of Thrones.

However Mackevision's CGI expertise is also being applied to a range of industrial and brand marketing applications; for example much of the art-work for Mercedes-Benz marketing and advertising is created virtually by Mackevision.

Mackevision's CGI technology is not only transforming advertising, but can enable consumer product manufacturers, technology, retail, fmcg, fashion and jewellery brands to create virtual archives and modelling systems. The potential for CGI technology to transform business is in short huge.

Simpatico PR's challenge was to build Mackevision's profile and enable the company to explain what's possible.

The Solution

We created a multi-layer business PR strategy. Firstly we used Mackevision's work with Game of Thrones to build the company's expertise profile by explaining the processes behind the creation of some of the show's most famous scenes.

We secondly developed a series of thought leadership ideas targeted at vertical sectors, explaining how CGI can be used to enhance marketing and business processes. We also developed future-facing ideas exploring the potential of CGI to transform consumer interaction and purchasing and even creation of products and brands.

Working with an international spectrum of media, we thirdly we connected Mackevision with tactical media opportunities.

mackevision mackevision

The Results

In the first six months of the programme we:

Reached 150 journalists and a media audience of 30 million+

This included key business audiences through coverage in titles such as The Economist, VentureBeat, Automotive World, Marketing magazine, Campaign, Creative Bloq and Design Week.

We achieved national media coverage in a range of tiles such as The Daily Mail, The Independent and Esquire.

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