The Challenge

What will banking be like in 20 years' time? How will we manage our households, organise our healthcare, interact with our employers and organise our travel requirements?

These questions are answered in a ground-breaking report Living Services - the next wave in the digitisation of everything, written by Simpatico PR for global design and innovation consultancy Fjord, part of Accenture Digital.

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Our challenge was to help Fjord articulate an in-depth vision of the future of branded services, technology and design and create a blueprint of how these forces could shape people's daily lives and revolutionise business practice and organisation.

Once we had created this compelling vision of the future with Fjord, our job was to ensure Fjord "owned" the concepts in the report encapsulated in the phrase "Living Services".

The Solution

Simpatico PR worked with Fjord's senior management team to distil their thinking into an editorial framework that could be understood by CEOs and chief marketing officers (CMOs) along with a broad range of business decision-makers and professionals from the worlds of technology, brand marketing and communications.

We created a series of engaging stories within the report covering the origins of Living Services; their impact on aspects of everyday life from transport to financial services, their impact on brand marketing and their realisation through data management and digital design.

This framework was then utilised to create an on-going proactive thought leadership-based media relations programme aimed at media ranging from international business titles, broadcast, specialist technology and design titles and trade media.

Designed for Life: How living services will transform your world


Living Services - the next wave in the digitisation of everything - has become a "compulsory read" for Accenture and Fjord consultants. The report has been distributed to hundreds of key marketing and business decision-makers in blue-chip brands, winning recognition amongst business media and decision-makers as a pivotal report on the future of service design and marketing.

Coverage so far includes:

BBC 1 Breakfast

Fast Company


Media Guardian

The Guardian


City AM

Huffington Post

Tech Radar


UX Magazine

Creative Bloq


Digital Arts


American Banker

The Banker

BBC 1 Breakfast

Global design and innovation consultancy Fjord on the growing popularity of wearable technology and its influence on fashion.

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BBC Radio 4 documentary - Self-Service Nation

John Oswald of global design and innovation consultancy Fjord discusses the technology that is changing our everyday lives:

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