Bridging the Atlantic: PR trends in the US
Written by Simpatico PR
Posted on 25th April 2017

Our US Practice Lead, Dori Busell, shares three considerations for European leaders venturing into PR in the USA.

As brands expand to new markets outside of their geographic base, more and more companies are looking to PR to help set the stage for their expansion and make a splash for their arrival. For European companies looking to test the water in the U.S. via PR, they will find that there are more similarities than differences when working with media to promote their brand story. At the end of the day, no matter where you are headquartered, all brands have a story to tell and lessons to share. The way the story is disseminated is the core difference.

With this in mind, I’ve outlined three areas for European brands to keep in mind when considering PR in the US.

Media consolidation

The past few years have seen a huge amount of consolidation in the media. Between mergers, layoffs and publications closing, there are just fewer outlets for brands to work with. And insiders say that consolidation will only grow as more traditional publishers try to expand their scope by swallowing online media properties. This means that brands will be competing for attention from fewer reporters who will be stretched thin to cover more news.

Brands that are able to form real relationships with reporters will be able to cut through the clutter to grab attention from the media that matter most to them. Identify a few key media that cover the relevant industry and space, and work towards building a partnership that is beneficial to both parties. Don’t just expect reporters to cover your news, but work to actually give them content that they actually want to report on and then they will come back to you again and again.

Share your expertise

One of the results of media consolidation is that publications have increasingly looked to industry to provide more content in the form of contributed articles. This gives brands a great opportunity to showcase their executives as thought leaders in their field as well as share data, lessons learned or provide expert commentary on happenings or predictions in their relevant industry. Many outlets, like Forbes or Branding, are looking for executives to become regular contributors and supply content on a weekly basis, while others look for one-off articles to support something happening in the news. Either way, the content needs to be informative and not promotional, with most outlets not even allowing contributors to mention their company name in their article.

Branded content

Whether called native advertising, paid media or content marketing, branded content is not going away anytime soon. Brands and publishers have discovered how powerful branded content can be with consumer and B2B brands jumping on board across digital and video platforms. Just recently, Facebook updated its policy to enable more Pages and Profiles to post branded content. The most successful branded content campaigns are in sync with overall marketing messages and even driven by PR. Those that are created with an editorial lens, rather than an advertising focus, will receive the highest engagement and results. And of course, PR can then be used to amplify the message and campaign broader than just the publishing partner.

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